Role: Lead Designer

Challenge: Most Polywood tables were incapable of following the more simpistic, rustic leg designs of modern dining tables. The challenge was to devise a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing leg structure, while also ensuring that the top was well-reinforced to avoid any sagging that can occur over time. Additionally, we were challenged to create a set of dining chairs to pair with the new table offering.

Impact: After testing a number of designs prototyped by our design team, I finalized a solution that met the criteria and also captured structural elements within the tabletop to provide an incredibly robust and aesthetically pleasing table design. This was paired with a bench that I designed earlier originally for Cracker Barrel. I also led the design of recreating a whole new set of Curveback Classic, Nautical, and Modern Adirondack dining chairs as well as swivel versions of the Classic, Nautical, and Modern chairs. Here’s one of the sets available on Polywood’s site.

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