My amazing wife and I out on a date to celebrate my birthday, 2016.

Who am I?

First and foremost, I’m a husband to my darling wife and a father to three sons–all currently younger than 5! I love spending time with them all. I have a passion for design, but nothing is as important to me as my family.

With that being said, it truly is a joy to be able to support my small family doing something I love: design. I’m an industrial design degree-holder from Purdue University. I’m employed doing outdoor furniture design in Indiana, but I’ve also applied my talents towards freelance and contract work. I’m well-versed in graphic, web, and product design. I’ve fostered an insatiable desire for learning and a keen aesthetic since I was young and am always ready to tackle a new challenge or teach myself something on the fly. I’m efficient, clever, and smiling. I hope there’s a way I can help you out.

Take a look at my portfolio!

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What can I do for you?

If you’ve got an idea for a product and need help visualizing it, I can help with concept sketching and presentation materials for all sorts of industries.

I can work on location to provide 3D models in SolidWorks.

I can work within Adobe Illustrator extremely fast; generating logos and infographics are a few of my favorite things.

Whether it’s a business card, postcard, 2 page brochure, or a 200 page document, I’m happy to create for you a PDF with working hyperlinks, bookmarks, and more.

I’m fully capable of refreshing your current website with an easily updateable (by you) site powered by the ever-expanding capabilities of WordPress.

I’m well versed in Photoshop and can seamlessly put a horse’s head on your boss, if you have a need for it.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies and individuals, some of whom think I’m pretty good at what I do:

Benjamin knows how to convey your idea into effective and impactful graphics. But there’s more: he understands the nature of your need better than you do, and before you even do. He’s brilliant. The real deal.

Erwan Le Corre


Ben has helped me develop a strong brand identity and amazing graphics to illustrate difficult concepts. He’s also provided some real insights into finding out exactly who the target audience is and understanding my needs as a client.

Matthew Myers



As a final note, I host my site with BlueHost due to their moral business practices and because I’ve never had a problem with them. They provide affordable, high-quality shared and private hosting that has served me well for a few years already. If you’d like to start your own site and need a hosting provider, please consider using the link below that will benefit my family and me for referring you. Thanks!